Podcast #127

Alexis Ohanian – Back Again for the First Time

Alexis Ohanian is commonly known as the co-founder of the 230-million-user strong media and social platform, Reddit. Almost a year after the company’s launch in 2005, Reddit was acquired by Conde Nast, and Ohanian then directed his professional effort to the innovation ecosystem, where he has invested and advised close to 150 companies including Instacart, Double Robotics, Code Academy, and General Assembly. Earlier this year, the internet almost broke once again, upon the announcement of Alexis returning to the company, reuniting with his original co-founder, and now CEO Steve Huffman. With as set of fresh eyes, a heart filled with enthusiasm, and true love & understanding for internet culture, Ohanian is on a path to both disrupt and preserve the brand used by over 1/3 of Americans. On Innovation Crush, Ohanian discusses reuniting with his co-founder, re-invigorating the brand, and how his Armenian heritage plays a role in his life and business outlook.