Podcast #102

Ari Popper – Turning Science Fiction into Fact

At Sci Futures, Ari Popper and his team of visionary engineers, writers, and tinkerers play with the imagined future. With some of the world’s top brands and corporations as clients, his job is literally taking science fiction from movies, books, and television and turning them to actionable products and services we can see today. From Visa to General Mills to Lowe’s (for which they made a real life version of Star Trek’s Holodeck), Ford, Crayola and more, Ari has been the puppet master pulling the strings to make the future happen now. On Innovation Crush, Ari discusses his tools of the trade, leaving his sales job, what he wanted to be as a kid, his workplace superpower, and what it takes to accurately predict the future through fiction.

See Ari and others like him live at http://createtech.aaaa.org/#ct2015-1