Podcast #101

Ava Bromberg – We Built This City

Every company, city, social media platform, school, brand, and so on, talks about the idea of building community. But with few true successes to note, there questions abound as to how to do it. Enter Ava Bromberg. A former sculptor turned civic maven, Ava is the SVP of business development for LA’s largest maker community and a beacon for “how to” rethink community design for today’s technological and entrepreneurial city infrastructures. With over 860,000 sq feet, about a dozen floors, 100’s of businesses large and small, and a 4 story wooden chair out in front just for kicks, LA’s REEF, is one of the largest gatherings of creative-minded artists and businesses in the world. On this episode, Ava walks through what it takes to build a thriving, self selecting, collaborative, diverse, entertaining, and cohesive community…under one roof.

In partnership with Innovation Week Los Angeles: http://www.innovate.la