Podcast #162

Brent Bushnell – The Ringmaster of Creativity

Courtesy of www.WORLDZ.us. Combining technology, engineering, circus antics, play, robots, and big business entrepreneurialism, Brent Bushnell is no stranger to creating wonder. Throughout his career, the big kid turned CEO has helmed creative projects alongside the likes of The White House, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, The CW, OK Go, to name a few. in 2018, his company, Two Bit Circus, will open the first of a series “mini amusement parks,” a phrase that describes an arcade hopped up on Two Bit steroids, combining virtual reality, augmented reality, room escapes, physical feats, and more. On this installment of the Crush, Brent talks us through the pains of being ahead of the curve, becoming an effective leader, engineering as a service and more. For a video of this interview and to Two Bit Circus at work, click here: http://bit.ly/2uASQcT