Podcast #211

Chad Veach – Same Message, New Voice

As pastor of Zoe Church, Chad is a pioneer of his own design, redefining what it takes to be a religious leader and business owner in today’s culture. Leading thousands each week in his home town of Los Angeles — and more around the world — Chad has redefined everything around the message, without disrupting the core of the message itself. Whether partnering with the likes of designer Jerry Lorenzo and creating record-selling “church merch” pop ups, shooting rounds of golf with Chris Pratt, or even getting matching tattoos with Justin Bieber, Chad has managed to place God squarely at the center of pop culture. With a year-round cadence of experiences ranging from conferences to charitable outings to digital learning, Chad/Zoe have acquired close to half-a-million social media followers, and managed to organize a plethora of giving within the city and around the world. On this episode of Innovation Crush, Chad discusses everything from the influence of hip hop to becoming an entrepreneur, adapting to technology, dealing with his daughter’s illness, and staying the course of the mission no matter the opposition.

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