Podcast #43

Chris Dancy – Half Man, Half Gadget

Chris Dancy has been labeled everything from cyborg to robot to the most connected man in the world. The 45-year-old former software developer has sensors and gadgets galore; his body, home, and car, and even his dog Rocko, are all pumping information in and out at any given time. Where most see techno-clutter, Chris’s personal philosophies and natural gravitation toward technology give him the clarity to utilize these as tools for improving his life and the lives of others. He’s lost 100lbs, saved his dog from chronic car sickness, improved his peace, quit his job, wired his home to be responsive to his moods, and even become a better lover. On Innovation Crush, Chris – who’s also wide open book – fills us in on how he got here, where he’s going, and how we’re all welcomed to join him.