Podcast #88

Collaborative Group – Detroit’s Crusaders (Rebroadcast)

For years, people all over the world have had their eyes and ears on the streets of Detroit, MI, USA. In the midst of all the overly promoted destruction porn, lay several gems of innovation and an overwhelming sense of excitement toward the endless possibilities that come from starting over. 2 years ago The Collaborative Group launched the first ever “Challenge Detroit,” a year long initiative designed to bring 30+ innovative professionals to the city to work for local companies large and small, commit to ongoing social justice projects, document their experiences, and become ambassadors for the city. On Innovation Crush, program creators Dierdre Greengroves, and Doyle Mosher share their journey in creating and maintaining a solution to one of the world’s biggest challenges… Revitalizing Detroit. Feat. special guest host, Cooper Bates.
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