Podcast #231

Craig Thompson – Becoming an Extraordinary Alien

Since his self-described “awful” start on YouTube, Craig Thompson, aka Mini Ladd, has gone from 16-year-old awkward gaming video maker, to amassing close to 10 million subscribers across social media, launched his own 27-city comedy/variety tour (a first ever in its category), built wells in developing countries, started a music career, and invested in a number of businesses/entrepreneurs ranging from fashion to technology to beverages. Along the way, the Irishman turned Middle Easterner turned Londerner turned American (there was also a stop in Thailand along the way), has developed an appetite for exploration of new spaces, and very unique point of view on what it means to be an influencer. On this installment of Innovation Crush, we get an inside peek at the mind and heart of one of the industry’s most talented creators.