Podcast #48

(Crush Live!): Coolhaus – Ice Cream, You Scream

Innovation Crush goes live in partnership with Tribe Talks, a series of entertaining and informative events created by millenial focused marketing and branding agency, Tribemint. In this episode, we chat with Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, co-founders of Coolhaus, a specialty dessert company that seamlessly fuses architecture and… err ice cream! Launching at Coachella 5 years ago with one truck, Coolhaus is now on track to scoop in over $7 million in revenue in 2014, with 12 trucks across the country, 2 stores, a best-selling cookbook, and partnerships with retailers like Whole Foods.
TRIBEMINT has developed a new paradigm in the way companies create and seed cultures of engagement where loyalty, innovation, and success thrive and convert consumers and employees alike into brand advocates. Equal parts funny, hip, and brilliant, these co-founders walk us through their personal journey of the creating their brand.