CTB: Crushing the Box – Director’s Cut

Sooooo….  As if you can’t tell by now, I wrote a book. After 8 long months of ideation, outlining, organizing, writing, editing, re-writing, designing and crying naked in the fetal position in several motel bathrooms, I am happy to say that I’m done.  Well, as done as I can be for now.  🙂   I’ve taken all the things I’ve experienced in my career and coupled them with amazing stories and insights from Innovation Crush guests and organized them into 10 “rules” – which they are anything but.   Basically a guiding collection of soft skills, metaphors, stories, and tactical strategies organized into themes that hopefully can help any and every reader reach new plateaus in their endeavors.
Pretty please pick it up on Amazon, or come say hello at any of these events:
3/10:  HBCU @ SXSW, Opening Keynote
3/10:  HBCU @ SXSW, MC of Cocktail Reception
3/11:  Book Launch @ Michigan House (w / StockX and Rock Ventures)
3/19:  Innovate Finance Global Summit, London; MC
3/22:  Book Launch @ The Ned, London
4/19:  Los Angeles Launch (Reading and Fireside Chat; Home Residence)
4/21:  LA Times Festival of Books ; Los Angeles (w / Will.I.Am., the Black Eyed Peas, and Mayim Bialik)
4/30:  eCommerce Summit,  Closing Keynote;  Australia
5/23:  C2 Montreal; Talk, Interviews, Workshop; Montreal
5/26:  Wattpad HQ: Keynote; Toronto
6/18:  LA Design Festival; Panel & Signing
As fate would have it, I didn’t have much time to write a thank you in the book – at least to the countless number of people who were on my mind and all up in my face during this process.  First and foremost thank you, God (yes, I’m grammy award winning rapper now), for even providing the opportunity and blessing me with anything I can dare to call a skill.  My family — Annie, Nico, and Brooklyn, my literal A, B, C, and lil’ D.  Thank you for your patience and love and the much needed quality time during my incredible number of absences, late nights, early mornings to get this done on top of everything else.  Thanks to my mom, for being an undying cheerleader, since even the simple mention of the idea of writing a book (“Hercules!  Hercules!  Hercules!”).  My dad, for showcasing his terrible sense of humor since as far back as I can remember.  Kevin Samuels, who’s been my right hand, and creative row-dog for the past 20+ years.  Eben Christopher, for decades of insults and honesty and adventure, and brutal yo mama jokes.  Marc Brogdon for being a great friend, brother, and mentor.  My own brother, Mark, and my sister Shelly for years of laughs, growing pains, and some of the most memorable moments of my life.  To the people at Book In a Box — To JT, John Vercher, Chris Balish, and Mark Chait — for saving a literary retch like me.  Eric Beal, for being reactive to my ridiculous requests, and proactive on the ones I didn’t know I needed.  Nicole Yershon, for years of inspiration, connection and telling me like it is.  Ben Winkler, Doug Rozen, Monica Karo, and Greg Castronuovo, for being tremendous supporters and curious challengers of innovation.  My OMD Ignition Factory team, new and old:  Suzy, Ani, Michael, Russ, Naz, Amy, K-Champs, Tracy Q, Stephen, Curtis, Mordecai, Mya, Jordan, Adam, Baily… you hard work has not gone unnoticed. TABU!  Time always builds you… and never lets you down!  Celiena from Facebook for applauding and asking the tough questions, and all the creative muses and good folks from Hatch.  Roman Tsunder and the Worldz team for supporting the book launch.   DJ Mick for dope a** CTB mix tape!  Mr. Orlando Jones, the man I can riff about anything and everything with — work, play, life, business, or the silliest of silly ideas.  So many more amazing people that have come into my life whether for years on end or minutes at a time.   And of course, all 200+ Innovation Crush guests and all our listeners around the globe.  THANK YOU!