Podcast #187

Curtis Hickman – Secrets of the Empire

A magician turned mixed reality technologist, Curtis Hickman is co-founder and CEO of The Void, a company that combines VR, AR, and regular-ol-reality to create hyper realistic entertainment experiences. Tapping into his creative magical powers, he uses phrases like “path of conviction,” “misdirection,” or “illusion,” to describe his team’s work, which most recently has powered Disney’s Secrets of the Empire experience, launched this past spring in London, Anaheim, and Las Vegas and a handful of other cities. On this installment of Innovation Crush, Curtis walks us through his design thinking, his personal philosophies, his time spent giving back, growing up in Utah, the dangers of technology, and growing up as the son of famed fantasy author, Tracy Hickman. Courtesy of Disney’s IMX Lab, and recorded live at the Disney Accelerator. More info at: https://www.thevoid.com/dimensions/starwars/secretsoftheempire