Podcast #98

Damian Kulash (OK Go)- Mad Scientists at Work

“Innovation to me is… terrifying.”
Damian Kulash is best known as the front man of super genius creative musical group, OK Go. As the grandson of the inventor of the fish stick (real talk), it’s no surprise that many of the inventive genes he comes from manifest themselves in his group’s whimsical and audacious creative exploits. Whether art projects, dabbling in physics, tinkering with biology, creating visual illusions, or reinventing marketing; bringing their musical visions to life in far-more-than-interesting ways has always been a part of their creative and business culture. Fresh off a 2015 MTV VMA win (“I Won’t Let You Down”), Damian visits Innovation Crush to talk about everything from having the second ever viral video on YouTube to maintaining team chemistry, working with brands, becoming a business man, to their process of printing an album on strands of DNA… and a few crazy things on their current creative wishlist.