Podcast #100

Dan Harmon – Revenge of the Nerd

“Innovation to me is purposefully making mistakes.” – Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon is an expert at building Community. Literally. He is best known for creating the TV series, COMMUNITY, loosely based on his time spent in community college. What he is also an expert at is not fitting in. Most Google search results will tell you he’s brash, overly honest, combative, mean, or otherwise difficult to work with. Perhaps these are all side effects from when mad genius and creativity collide. Perhaps it all comes from place of knowing oneself and being confident in the fact that we’re all human and emotional beings on an unknown journey. Stemming from his unique – let’s call it “flair” – Dan has carved out lane after lane for himself, adored by fans and industry insiders for his books, his teachings, his personal philosophies, his podcast, his comedy, his honesty, and the overall unique way he sees the world. On this 100th episode of Innovation Crush, Dan continues his to bring us along on his quest for truth in all things creative, business, and life.