Podcast #214

Darrell Blocker – Perception Meets Reality

Having been in the CIA for almost 28 years, Darrell Blocker has seen and done it all. As the director of operations, he was awarded the George H. W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism in 2014. He ran The Farm – the CIA’s training facility – for 3 years, and was even the member of a well known band in Uganda while undercover there. If it’s one thing he understands, it’s human connection. What motivates us? How can we motivate others? How can we do away with perceptions and ego the like, and remain in service to the people we work with and serve? Now as a news contributor, Hollywood consultant, and business advisor, Darrell is applying his skills in new ways, and he stops by Innovation Crush to discuss it all. Recorded live at WeWork. More info at We.co/Crush.