Podcast #86

Dave Asprey – Supercharged Brains, Bodies, and Businesses

Dave Asprey is a former computer hacker turned biohacker turned systems thinker turned CEO turned branding & business maven turned awesome. At age 26, and worth millions of dollars, Dave was well over 300lbs and suffering from numerous conditions affecting his mental and physical health. Tired of physiological failure, he turned his hacking skills toward his own biology, thus beginning the journey of what is now known as the Bulletproof Executive; a suite of products, information, and methodologies that release unlimited potential in individuals and organizations. The Bulletproof promise? Supercharge Your Body. Upgrade Your Brain. Be Bulletproof. On this episode Dave breaks down his journey, biohacking methodologies, how he’s structured his success in life and work, and the breakdowns and triumphs he’s experienced along the way.