Podcast #108

Dylan Siegel – The Million Dollar Kid

How do you raise 1.2 million dollars in only a couple years? Just ask 9-year-old, social good superhero and entrepreneurial powerhouse, Dylan Siegel. At age 6, the then-to-be author, philanthropist, merchandiser, chocolate connoisseur, and all around BOSS got it in his head that he would raise some money for his best friend’s rare disease by writing a book. Per his own creativity, Dylan’s effort quickly turned into a 7-figure fundraising collection of bracelets, hair ties, Hershey chocolate bars and books while sparking a global movement of kids and families creating their own ways to do the same. On Innovation Crush, Dylan and his dad discuss their journey, and everything from parenting (Dylan has 2 other siblings) to video games, dealing with press, to Dylan’s vision for a mobile app that allows others to create their own movement. More at chocolatebarbook.com/