Podcast #147

Eden Chen – Power In The Pivot

The son of a journalist and a classical music composer, Eden Chen started his young adulthood as a video game playing, shoplifting, failing high school student. Then he found Jesus. By the time he was ready to graduate college he had already started his own hedge fund. Almost 10 years later, the life long learner is in the midst master life pivot– a member Forbes 30 Under 30 club; part owner in CTRL Collective, a co-working space with close to 5 locations in the works; and the co-founder of Fishermen Labs, specializing in digital products like AR, VR, and design. On Innovation Crush, Eden discusses his dynamic career path, pivoting from finance to digital development, to full on entrepreneurship, to client service work, and more… and the threads that tie them all together. Recorded live at www.sae.edu