Podcast #103

Elan Lee – How to Win Fans and Influence People

How do you get 10’s of 1000’s of people to do absolutely anything you want them do all at once? Just ask Elan Lee, alternate reality game pioneer, marketer extraordinaire, video game designer, and record breaking crowdfunding raiser ($8M for Exploding Kittens). As a failing high school student, Elan Lee was the first person in the world to photograph a sound wave; of course after inventing the method for doing so himself. As a winning story teller and entrepreneur, he has taken home coveted Clio and Emmy awards, and his inspired brands and fans all over the world to do the seemingly impossible. On Innovation Crush, Elan talks about his 3 step process for creativity, his numerous failures, his biggest wins, empowering crowds, and his completion of 46 room escapes (and counting).