Podcast #77

Elliot Kotek – The Death of Impossibility

How do you win TIME Magazine’s invention of the year? Build a device that helps a fully paralyzed graffiti artist create art with only his eyes. This is how Elliot Kotek and his business partner, Mick Ebeling began Not Impossible, an organization that exploits the possibilities of technology for- as they put it – “the sake of humanity.” In the past 7 years since the Eyewriter, Not Impossible has gone on to win both hearts and awards for inspiring projects that have allowed people to speak for the first time in 17 years, feed themselves after losing their arms, walk again, and plenty more. Along the way, they’ve managed to work with partners like Intel, HP, and others for marketing amplification and technology development. On Innovation Crush, Elliot breaks down Not Impossible’s methodology for innovation, ideas, amplification, entrepreneurship, and creating good in the world.
(recorded on location at SXSW)
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