Podcast #199

Elmo Lovano – Beat of a Different Drum

Working alongside the likes of Skrillex, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Paul Oakenfold, Christina Perri and others, Elmo Lovano has been considered one of the music industry’s top talents. He has spent the majority of his career connecting good talent to great opportunities and vice versa. In 2008, Elmo created the weekly art and music event Camerata in Hollywood, which was a springboard for the careers of Young The Giant, Skrillex, Dead Sara, Rival Sons, the Growlers and more. Camerata ran for 200 straight weeks before concluding in December of 2010 when Elmo joined Christina Perri on her world tour.

In February of 2017, Elmo launched Jammcard, a platform that Forbes described as a ‚ÄúLinkedIn for musicians.” The Jammcard app won Best UI/UX at the Good Design USA Awards, and has created a series of live performance/networking events called “The JammJam,” where performers ranging from Ty Dolla $ to Lady Gaga’s guitarist jam for for a few hours with other industry pros — all recorded in 360-degree virtual reality. Jammcard also partnered with the GRAMMYs for Season 2 of its original web series “How I Got the Gig” — which he hosts — and the app is listed first on The GRAMMYs 11 Music Apps Every Artists Needs.

Elmo joins Innovation Crush fresh off the heels of their Nashville launch and discusses everything from his childlike wonder to almost abandoning JammCard to how to build brands and everything in between. More at www.jammcard.com.