Podcast #224

Eric Olson – Patience, Patients, and Doctoring Design

Patient care is evolving at lighting speeds. From the devices that serve them to the psychology of informed patients, to the ups and downs of online self-diagnoses, healthcare and medtech are changing the way we literally live. Eric Olson is the design director at Karten Design, an award-winning product design and innovation consultancy. Driven by deep market understanding and user empathy, Karten Design creates new products, processes, and cutting edge design, with multiple stakeholders in mind at ever turn. Doctors, federal regulations, technologists, functionality, style, cost, cultural pain points, and more, go into each and every projects. Meanwhile the firm’s clients and partners range from the USC Center for Body Computing and the Alfred E. Mann Foundation, to Fortune 500 companies including Abbott, Nevro, CareFusion, Boston Scientific, Baxter, Medtronic, Procter & Gamble, and Samsung.  On this episode, Eric discusses case studies, design processes, projects, dropping ego, toilet behavior, fatherhood, and more, including having worked for the same company since 1996.