Fast Company Fridays

When the show first began, our pitch to guests and partners would always be “Innovation Crush is a cross between Fast Company and the Daily Show.” Apparently, the sentiment must be true that thoughts become things. Here we are a few years later, kicking off “Fast Company Fridays,” a new, monthly collaborative series with Fast Company editors and staff that celebrates the latest developments across innovation, creativity, and human performance.

You can check out the first one here:, where I’m joined by FastCo’s pop-culture and entertainment editor KC Ifeanyi, who’s own podcast series, Creative Conversation, features guests like Paul Scheer, Killer Mike, and David Sedaris. It got a little ridiculous up in the booth for a hot second, but lots of good nuggets and takeaways for any stage of your creative journey.  More to follow every 4th Friday of the month.  Mark your calendars!