GovCity @ SXSW

GovCity is a 48-hour “think tank” for corporate, academic, non-profit and civic disruptors. The inaugural class joined together minds of US Homeland Security, Reddit, US Census Bureau, New York City Mayor’s Office, Department of Defense, URBAN-X, Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, AFWERX, NASA, Spartan, Ad Council, and many more.

We are a collaboration of innovative believers. Formed in October 2018 and swiftly launched March 2019, by Glass Heel, GH.Ventures, Innovation Crush, GovCity is more than a startup. We’re supported and backed by an incredible community of mavericks, the perfect hybrid of government and industry experts who believe you can change culture and business and have fun doing it. GovCity is without a doubt, the biggest civic-minded experiment any of us have been part of. If changing the world is your favorite way to spend a week of work, then you’ll be as excited about GovCity as we are.

There is no cost to attend, but members of our cohort apply to become one of the 75 in each class, for each location.