Podcast #193

Greg Larkin – This Might Get Me Fired

The first to predict the financial crash of 2008, Greg Larkin has become adept to pissing off the naysayers. His financial clients didn’t take the news well, threatening to blackballing him from the industry. 10 years later, Greg g has built more than thirty digital products, generating millions in revenue for companies like Google, PWC, Nestle, and Bloomberg, and a handful of successful start-ups. In his new book, This Might Get Me Fired, Greg explores the intricacies of how to get great ideas done inside companies that might not always be primed to actually get them done. On this episode of Innovation Crush, Greg talks about everything from rapid acceleration, to personality management, to his what he learned about innovation from his early days as a community organizer. Check the book out here: https://www.amazon.com/This-Might-Get-Fired-Entrepreneurial-ebook/dp/B07C9S9DBJ