Podcast #203

Jamaal Layne – New Flavor in Your Ear

As the head of global cultural marketing for Sonos, Jamaal Layne is no stranger to making brands culturally relevant. His resume reads like a who’s who in the brand world and spans from Adidas, to Converse, to Microsoft, Fader Magazine, LA’s Line Hotel, Urb Magazine, Nike, and many more. He is a born and bred New Yorker who eventually made Los Angeles home, but has traveled the world as an expert in recognizing the distinct line between marketing to a culture vs marketing within a culture. Long story short, you can’t have innovation without understanding the nuances of tapping into the people you need most. His current role allows him to align Sonos with heavy hitters from the entertainment world (record labels, artist, actors, producers, hosts, etc), in effort to educate, empower, and co-create. This episode of Innovation Crush, Jamaal opens up his marketing rulebook, discusses his passion for technology, overcoming jadedness, and teaches some great lessons on creating the right connections.