Podcast #110

Jane Buckingham – Trends, Truths, and Forecasting Myths

By the time she was 17, Jane Buckingham was already one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. The book she authored a year earlier, Teens Speak Out, had served as an in-depth observation of the life and minds of teenage girls and caught the attention of the media mogul. Born the daughter of a psychologist and journalist, Jane continued her development as an observer of culture, and eventually created some of the world’s most followed trend reports, including the coveted Cassandra Report. Along the way she has authored several books under a family of “Modern Girl” titles that identify every-day life-hacks and shortcuts for the modern woman. As a multiple award-winning industry thought leader, her company, Trendera, is highly sought after by corporations large and small for insights on consumer and cultural behavior. On Innovation Crush, Jane breaks down her history as an observer of culture, her challenges with work-life balance, how trend spotting works, gaps in diversity, and how to translate trends into actionable items for brands and entrepreneurs.