Podcast #226

Janice Bryant Howroyd – Billionaire Girls Club

Janice Bryant Howroyd is often touted as the first African American woman to self-start a multi-billion dollar business. As the founder and CEO of ActOne Group, Janice created her business in 1978 — almost by accident — while on vacation from her job as clerk for the Red Cross. A few decades of dedication later, she has racked up close to 17,000 clients in over 19 countries, worked with 4 sitting U.S. Presidents, staffed several Fortune 50 companies, and launched many verticals like AppleOne, All’s Well, AT-Tech, ACT-1 Personnel Services, Agile-1, ACT-1Govt, and her latest, AllSTEM focused on diversity hiring and talent within STEM fields. Fresh off her new book, Acting Up (http://askjbh.com/books/), Janice stops by to discuss her “employee-first” business philosophy, her approach to social responsibility, growing up as 1 of 11 children, and riding the technological and cultural tides of change over the years.