Podcast #95

Jenny Carden – Brush Stroke of Genius

Jenny “Zenka” Carden’s visions for the future have been seen all over the world. The futurist/artist combines everything from 500 year old Japanese sculpting methods to augmented reality, large scale murals, invisible paints, and more to tell startlingly accurate stories about the past and future of society. Her artwork explores the themes of how technological advances accelerate over time. Before becoming a professional artist she co-founded and lead a digital marketing company, Triple Smart, for over 7 years. Triple Smart designed creative solutions in software development, online marketing, SEO, Social Media, and website development for non-profits and environmentally focused companies. On Innovation Crush, she walks us through life work, and her life’s work, crafting a beautiful picture about how we live, work, and play.
See more of her work @ www.zenka.org/