Podcast #70

Jess Weiner – Taking Branding Personal

Jess Weiner (yes, pronounced like the hot dog), grew up consuming media cascaded with women who looked nothing like her. Even at a young age, the bullied performing arts enthusiast knew her life’s work would be focused on image consciousness and empowerment. Fast forward to 2015 and that young girl has become a highly sought after media maven, consulting with the world’s top brands on creatomg empowering interactions with today’s women and young girls. In fact, for the past 9 years, Jess has served as Dove’s Global Self Esteem Ambassador, leading programs and creative engagements aimed at the women the brand serves through its powerful messaging. On Innovation Crush, Jess breaks down the myths behind industry buzzwords like “authenticity” and “empowerment,” how improv encourages her consulting, the hurdles of entrepreneurship, and sheds light on the creative craftsmanship that goes in to supporting the groups that brands promise to support.