Podcast #205

Joe De Sena – To the Breaking Point

Each year, over 1 million people participate in Spartan Race – the world’s #1 adventure race – overcoming obstacles, physical breaking points, mental fatigue, and challenging conditions, all in effort to become become better human beings together. A hustler and entrepreneur since selling firecrackers at age eight, CEO and Founder, Joe De Sena, has seen and overcome insurmountable setbacks in both life and business. Along the way, he has adopted a philosophy of not only facing your fears, but facing them with a smile and with style. 41 countries, 275 events, and 2 books later, Joe and his team have built an online community of 5 million all adopting the spartan race philosophy in their own lives. Fresh off a new partnership with HubSpot, in this episode Joe completes his first Moorimgoong Martial Arts workout, discusses how he continues to challenge himself and his company, as well as how the Spartan lifestyle translates to traditional business practices. See Joe in the premier of HubSpot’s BRILLIANT docuseries episode here: https://youtu.be/VItXwzmpmYc