Podcast #78

Lee Zlotoff – How to MacGyver Anything

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of MacGyver, an action-packed, hit TV series focused high-pressure problem solving and ingenuity. No weapons, few resources, and no way out. Ironically, this is a place we all find ourselves in often. Enter Lee Zlotoff, award winning filmmaker, writer, producer, and MacGyver creator…and now the mind behind The MacGyver Method – systemized tactics for finding and creating solutions to any problem. Like his show, Lee has been all over the world helping organizations and individuals alike combine science, ingenuity, and existing skill sets to develop creative solutions to challenges big and small. On Innovation Crush, Lee breaks down the MacGyver Method, his theories on unleashing innovation, success of the program, partnerships with organizations like University of Michigan and the White House, and his current search for the next MacGyver.