Podcast #114

Marika Shaw – A Dollar to Change the World

Marika Anthony Shaw is commonly known as a member of the super music group, Arcade Fire. A classically trained violinist raised by a linguistics pioneer, Marika grew up watching her mom revitalize dying languages in remote areas of the world. Later, while touring the world herself with Arcade Fire, Marika had an epiphany. If bands added $1 to the price of their ticket sales, the lump sum could be donated to a charity of the group’s choice. Thus, www.Plus1.org was born. Now in it’s second year, Plus1 has turned Marika into a full time business woman, changing the world one dollar at a time. On Innovation Crush, Marika discusses her transition from band mate to CEO, the hurdles and triumphs she’s faced along the way, thought leadership, the art of persuasion, and an obvious passion for change. Feat guest host, Monika Bielskyte, founder of All Future Everything.