Podcast #178

Marte Siebenhar & Sam Hyken – Striking a New Chord

Miami has become the quintessential poster child for reinventing the classical music experience. A true blend of business and pleasure, there is a movement of reimagining the medium itself, as well as how audiences engage their time and money with live experiences — including among other things, an outdoor, 4K “wallcast” with 165 speakers built into the lawn. Recorded live at the Sagamore Hotel during Art Basel week, renown composer and CEO of Nu Deco Ensemble, Sam Hyken joins Innovation Crush alongside Marte Siebenhar, VP of Audience Development at New World Symphony to discuss the triumphs, hurdles, and inspirations they’ve encountered on their path to success.

Recorded by the SAE Institute, co-produced by the Arts & Business Council of Miami, and sponsored by Element AI.