Podcast #186

Matt Barnes – Thinking of a Master Plan

Topping a 14-year NBA career with a 2017 championship alongside the Golden State Warriors, Matt Barnes is on a path of entrepreneurial reinvention. During his sports career, the outspoken Barnes began making investments in– and studying everything from artificial intelligence to filmmaking to cannabis. Now, after his retirement, he’s taking his same relentlessness from the basketball court and applying it to business. He’s an advocate for cancer patient care, a boldly curious and smart tech investor, an advocate for the psychological and physiological benefits of cannabis, and even joking-not-joking speaks about a potential run for mayor. On this episode of Innovation Crush, Mayor Barnes discusses everything he’s learned from his public perception, his drug dealing father, business mentors, his feelings about social justice, and how to reinvent his own personal brand from the inside out… all for a new series of wins off the court. Matt appears on this episode courtesy of the Urban Tech Conference. Learn more at https://utc.pluginsouthla.com/.