Podcast #111

Matt Colon – The Stuff That Teams are Made Of

EDM legend and cultural icon, Steve Aoki currently ranks #5 on Forbes list of the world’s highest paid DJ’s. The DJ/Producer/Entrepreneur/Endorsee often performs up to 3 gigs a day, has worked with brands like Bud Light and Scion, and takes no pause in the daily social-media documentation of his life. The person helping hold it all these multiple interests and creative endeavors together? Matt Colon. A legend in his own right, Matt is often sited as the reason EDM became what it is today…. a $6 billion dollar global business. He is co-founder of Deckstar, an all-star management firm with a roster full of new and well-known talent ranging Porter Robinson to Blink 182. One part counselor, one part creative director, and three parts business visionary, his job is to translate wildly creative opportunities into tangible business opportunities and vice versa. On Innovation Crush, Matt dishes on the ups and downs of the manager’s role in (show)business, walks through his own origin story, highlights how team work happens with artists & his company, and how Deckstar survived the death of of one if its legendary co-founders.