Podcast #183

Mick Batyske & Chris Denson

Available now on Amazon and at www.thecrush.co. After 8 long months of ideation, outlining, organizing, writing, editing, re-writing, designing and crying naked in the fetal position in several motel bathrooms, I am happy to say that the book is ready and available. But I’ll spare you all the markety details for now, just please check it out for yourself. For this very special episode of Innovation Crush, I partnered up with my good buddy and guest of the show, DJ Mick, and put together an incredible collection of inspiring soundbites, and toe tappin’ tunes. Voices and selections from Sugar Ray Leonard, Damian Kulash (OKGo), Linda Boff, Nicole Yershon, Sekou Andrews, Emily Chang, and more! Enjoy, and please share!