Podcast #124

Mike Rothenberg – People, Patterns, and Problem Solving

At 28 years old, Mike Rothenberg created a venture capital fund to invest in future forward technologies. 3 years and 60 companies later, the former US Math Olympian’s portfolio boasts everything from artificial intelligence, to virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, and even commercial space travel. One of the few venture firms to have built a noticeable brand, Rothenberg Ventures is known– among other things– for its annual Founder’s Field Day, bringing it’s portfolio companies together for a day of fun, networking at San Francisco’s AT&T park. On Innovation Crush, Mike discusses the 10 year journey to start his company, his love of mathematics as a kid, how brands should approach frontier tech, and how his company navigates political and consumer hurdles. … and more! rothenbergventures.com/