Podcast #222

Modi Oyewole – From Moments to Movements

Whether founding his own festival, running his own marketing agency, or blessing the likes of Nike, Red Bull, and All Def Digital with his stylish and creative approach to elevating culture, Modi Oyewole is one of this era’s most culturally connected thinkers. In 2012 — while in college — he created the Trillectro Music Festival, which since its inception has booked acts like Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, SZA, Chance the Rapper and tons of hand picked up-and-comers to boot. He recently became the director of marketing for Epic Records, home of super star artists ranging from Meghan Trainor to Ozzy Osbourne to DJ Khaled. In whichever lane he operates in, Modi, is an expert in turning industry moments — a hit single, a party, a shoe — into cultural movements. He joins Innovation Crush to walk us through his origins, his process, and his philosophies on reaching and breaking through tipping points. Recorded at Prettybird.co