Podcast #206

Molly Cain – The Process of Possibility

As the first-ever Director of Venture and Innovation for Homeland Security, Molly Cain has learned to redefine “disruption” for herself and for the overall safety of the United States. Prior to her time in government, Molly had been recognized as one of the top 25 women in technology, having run Tech Wildcatters, the #6 incubator in the country, and a Forbes columnist raking in over 10 million reads of her perspectives on innovation. In redefining disruption within DHS, she has learned to focus more on the process of innovation rather than the end product. From rallying stakeholders, to implementing small scale products and processes, to introducing wonder-filled experiences, navigating cultural opinions, or even building a laymen team that thrives government, all while being citizen of the very country she’s serving. Recorded at the Day of Innovation in Indianapolis, Molly discusses the ups and downs of her time inside Homeland Security, stretching her own expertise, bring a sense of wonder to her work, and how to thrive when the stakes are high. More on Day of Innovation at www.dayofinnovation.com