Podcast #106

Moran Cerf – Hacking the Science of Decisions

Moran Cerf is widely known for his Grand Slam Award-Winning talk on The Moth where he intricately describes a series of hilarious events that took place when he broke into a bank. The former hacker, graphic designer, filmmaker turned neuroscientist slash professor slash marketing consultant has gone from professionally breaking into banks (paid for by the banks to test their security systems), to professionally breaking into brains (often paid for by brands). His studies of our ability to control emotion, using dreams to introduce or eliminate habits, the science of free will, simple decision-making and more have informed and entertained groups ranging from marketers to audiences at the World Economic Forum. On Innovation Crush, the anomaly that is Moran Cerf, discusses everything from making life transitions, defining his personal brand, the neuroscience of marketing, and that one time he was dead and alive at the same time.