Podcast #135

Patrick Mulford – The Social Science of Social Media

One part cultural anthropologist, one part creative genius and all social media muscle, Patrick Mulford serves as Chief Creative Officer of TheAudience, one of the world’s leading social media marketing firms. TheAudience connects global brands like Target, Unilever, and Ford, to billions of consumers through celebrity and cultural influencers as well as standalone presence. On this episode of Innovation Crush, Patrick pulls back the psychological and scientific curtain on the reasons social media works– including satisfying our cave-man-like physiological needs for social connection, our propensity for addiction, and the dangers behind the media. We’re also by joined by special guest co-host and Innovation Crush Alumni, Z. Holly, now host of the Art of Manufacturing Podcast: MakeitinLA.org/listen. Check out the TheAudience at www.theaudience.com.