Podcast #180

Philip Thomas – Outside the Lions Den

Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is one of the most highly sought after events in the world. From Bill Clinton to Mindy Kalig to Omnicom Media Group, the worlds top filmmakers, advertisers, brands, technology makers, politicians, and executives gather each year in the south of France to celebrate one another, network, and see some of the greatest achievements in the world. Now through his company, Ascential Events, Philip continues to manage Cannes Lions, Money 20/20, Bett, the Spring Fair, spanning fintech, education, retail, and then some. On Innovation Crush, Philiop discusses the science of wowing attendees through curation and experience and smooth productions, whileadding value every and differentiating year after year. As he states, “People have less time than ever, and now have more events than ever.”