Podcast #242

[REPUBLISHED] Hakeem Oluseyi – Becoming an Industry Mercenary

What happens when you grow up on both Fat Albert and Albert Einstein? You get Hakeem Oluseyi. As one of the world’s foremost scientists, Hakeem wears many hats– TV personality, professor, life coach, consultant, voice actor, philanthropist, and former chief science officer at the Discovery Channel, to name a few. As a kid, he grew up in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. As an adult he has traveled the world, spreading the gospel of the sciences. On Innovation Crush, Hakeem stops by– alongside special guest co host and Emmy award winner, Pili Montilla– to discuss personal branding, his early obsession with how the universe works, life balance, that one time he almost dropped out of Stanford, and even makes a special exclusive announcement. Social: @hakeemoluseyi @pilimontilla. Enjoy Apollo Neuro: www.apolloneuro.com/crush