Podcast #197

Richard Janes – Becoming the Hero of Your Brand

Actor and Emmy award-winning producer turned personal branding expert, Richard Janes has coached the likes of celebrities and business ranging from Ashley Tisdale to Waka Flocka to Electronic Arts, to Jillian Michaels, and everyone else in between. On the path to understanding branding and engagement, Richard created Fanology a Clio Award-winning agency focused on fan engagement for clients like Toyota, Live Nation, Samsung, and Lenovo to name a few. Turning the idea of the start-up business tactic of MVP (minimum viable product) on it’s head, Richard has coined the phrase, “Minimum Viable Person,” which essentially treats you and your business like a start up, a constant cycle of testing, failing, and maximizing ones self. On this installment of Innovation Crush, Richard discusses vulnerability, becoming a hero, suffering from an illness, and all that goes into your most authentic self, and how that authentic self extends into the products and businesses we create. More @ www.richardjanes.com