Podcast #215

Richelle Parham – The Endless Feedback Loop

Richelle Parham is a pioneer in retail marketing and business — and by default, professional development. Having served as the CMO of eBay, she practically revolutionized the concept of email marketing. She serves on the boards of Best Buy, e.l.f. Cosmetics, LabCorp, and formerly Scripps Network, and is a VC at Camden Partners. Her career has been fueled by a seemingly endless loop of feedback from employees, leaders, customers, life itself, and what she dubs as her own “Personal Board of Directors,” a formalized network of friends, colleagues, and family who help guide her career and personal decisions. Recorded live at WeWork (we.co/crush), Richelle discusses the evolution of retail, her own super powers, growing up around the death business, and making a recent jump from business leader to start-up founder.