Podcast #130

Roman Tsunder – Brilliance and Resilience

Roman Tsunder is the co-founder and CEO of PTTOW, the hyper-exclusive networking and collaborative movement that gathers c-level executives from global brands, cultural icons, and celebrities to generate world changing ideas. With guests ranging from AT&T and Coca-Cola execs to David Blaine, Sarah Jessica Parker and the Dalai Lama, it’s no surprise that PTTOW stands for “Plan To Take On The World.” The mission continues in 2016 as Tsunder and his team launch Worldz, a 2-day event designed for a wider audience of innovators, game changers, and cultural leaders. On Innovation Crush, Roman dives deep into his personal history, the highs and lows of PTTOW’s growth, and how resilience shaped his upbringing and his perspective as a business visionary. feat. guest host, Bianca Ker.

More at www.worlz.us