Podcast #113

Shah Selbe – The Internet of Earth Things

What happens when you take a Boeing-grade rocket scientist and send him all over the planet with National Geographic? You birth an entirely new industry. Shah Selbe is one of the key pioneers of Conservation Tech, a field that combines social media, technology, science and social psychology to solve the Earth’s problem. As a NatGeo Explorer, he is one of few selected to go on MacGyver-like missions in remote areas most affected by things like climate change, poaching, illegal fishing, drilling, extinction, and sometimes mother nature herself. Along the way, he has coined the phrase, “Internet of Earth Things,” highlighting the fact that next evolution of digital/social connectivity is being connected to the planet. On Innovation Crush, Shah discusses the hurdles of being a young scientist among is stayed peers, his transition from rocket to earth science, his desire to work with VC’s, and and that one time he used a FedEx strategy to solve a fishing problem.