Podcast #97

Sherre Hirsch – Rock it Like a Rabbi

“Innovation to me is… seeing beyond possibility.”
Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is far from from your average Rabbi. She has broken through several glass ceilings in her career (she even heeds the warning of looking out for the broken glass in doing so) and has carved out very non-traditional paths both on- and off the pulpit. As a counselor of individuals, teams, and corporations, Sherre teaches people how to get to and operate from the core of their values and beliefs. Always a few steps ahead, she also helps her clients get out of their own way and push beyond their visions of possibility – into that place where innovation truly happens. Her latest book, Thresholds, is a well-crafted examination of the transitional phase between our old operating methods and entering into a new way of doing things. On Innovation Crush, the Rabbi discusses everything from her love of video games to pushing through her own depression, to authoring books, and how innovation internally leads to innovation externally.