Podcast #36

Trigger Global – Creative and Mobile Techsperts

It’s no secret that the world has gone mobile-mad. This year alone, there will be 1.75 BILLION smart phone users around the world. The opportunities for brands and content makers are endless and often times, incredibly confusing. At the forefront of this mobile revolution we find Trigger Global, a leading mobile technology and experience design firm having worked with clients ranging from Sony’s Spiderman to McDonalds to Nike. As Chief Executive Officer, Jason Yim brings creative vision and international business leadership to Trigger’s day to day operations. On Innovation Crush, Jason is joined by the company’s VP of Technology to break down how creative, tech, and the art of the pitch combine to reach millions of users for some of the world’s top mobile experiences; or as they put it, how “Hollywood Creative meets Mobile Innovation.” Featuring guest co-host, Mordecai.