WeWork Partnership

Happy to announce our grand, brand new partnership with WeWork.  Beginning in January 2019, Innovation Crush will move its offices and production to the WeWork Century City location in Los Angeles.   Additionally, we’re offering up to 20% off membership to Innovation Crush listeners and fans.  Interested in learning more?   Visit We.co/crush to get the scoop.

About WeWork:

With an international community of 250,000 members across hundreds of WeWork locations in 74 cities, WeWork is building the largest physical network on the planet. More than two-thirds of WeWork members are employed in the innovation economy, compared to 14 percent of employment in the top 10 U.S. cities. These members add millions of dollars into a city’s economy each year. Together we are reimagining, reshaping, and humanizing the architecture of our space, our buildings, and our cities to support innovation, encourage human connection, and provide economic opportunity.  For every 10,000 WeWork members, an additional 10,000 jobs are created through indirect and induced spending – outpacing job creation in high-growth industries like management consulting, legal services, and real estate.

Check out our chat with WeWork cofounder, Miguel McKelvey:  https://thecrush.co/podcasts/miguel-mckelvey-the-ultimate-support-system/